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Welcome to APositiveFitnesss Coaching

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Thank you for picking me as your coach!

Before we start, please read the following information pack. This outlines the way the program will run and what is expected of both you and me throughout so that a clear outline is established.


Here are the 6 tasks you should complete before our program starts. These are important to keep your fitness journey smooth.

Task 1 : INSTALL THE APP Everything you need to know will be provided in the private app. Get ready to download it before our program start.

  • Everfit - Click Here For Android Users to Download

Click Here For Apple Users to Download

  • MyFitnessPal - Click Here For Android Users to Download

Click Here For Apple Users to Download


The beauty of the program is you will have your nutrition tailored according to your current lifestyle and workout assigned based on your current workout capabilities. I can only start tailoring your program once the interview form has been answered.

Task 3 : Tools You Need

  • Calls tracker (MyFitnessPal App)

  • Weighing scale. Any that you have will work. Place it at the same place for you to weigh yourself every morning.

  • Digital food scale

  • Any digital food scale will work, you can also buy it from DIY or shopee.

  • Smart Watch /Fitness tracker (MI band, Garmin, Apple watch, etc)

  • Dumbbells , a pair of dumbbell 2kgs. If you have the budget, get another pair of 4kgs. As you strength improve you can invest in heavier dumbbells always

  • Resistance Band - You can use the bands you have at home . Pick the lightest one.

If you don't have it, you can order the lightest resistance band with the Link below

Choose the Yellow (5-15 lbs) then proceed with the Red (15-35 lbs) when you get stronger!

If you're lost , you can purchase from the link but please note that u can get any same ones from any other links or sources you have.


  • Join the ultimate A Positive Fitness Community- it's your go-to spot to chat, ask questions, and share your diet and training stories daily. Let's grow together! Everything you need put together in one place

Forum Rules 1. Respect one another, keep vibes cheerful and positive! Let's lift each other up.

2. Know an answer from our previous chats or my previous answer? Feel free to reshare but do ask us if “what you think is right” is actually right. My job is to help you learn and grow

3. Scared of asking? There’s no question is too small or silly. When you are wondering about something, others do too ! So, Got a burning question? Pop it on the forum. It's the hotspot for me and our pros to reply due to the large volume of messages I receive on a daily basis.

4. Do Not advertise service/ brands/ videos/ links without getting permission from admin or myself. You can share your favourite protein powder, you’ll often notice friends asking for Protein recommendation. If your protein is at least 20g for every 100 calories, go ahead and share.

Watch the Video about how to calculate your calories in daily basis even when you’re in dieting program, you still can eat your favourite food 🤩

Again, please watch the video on how to calculate you calories and you will see the different in your meal.


  • Check your daily macros given on your Everfit App, I said I’ll tailoring your program and this is the first thing.

  • No worries if you can’t see the macros, reach my Team member and she would definitely help you to check.

  • 🌟 The most important thing you need to do before the macros given is do fill-out your Interview form because I tailoring your program based on your current activities level, your daily habits and of course something that you’re struggling with. 🌹

  • The Everfit App and MyFitnessPal can be well integrated and make your life much easier.

  • Have no idea on how to do this integration step? No need to worries! Check the link below for the tutorial .

To integrate calories to Everfit app you need to update your "Sharing Settings" in your MyFitnessPal. - Go to Settings > Diary Settings > Diary Sharing > then make it Public .


Read the below carefully. DON’T BE LATE FOR A CHECK IN, if you are unsure of anything please ask our admin.

If you don't upload photos I can't check you in. Please upload photos through your Everfit App. Check in happens every Thursday. Photos should be up before Monday for us to assess your journey.

Check in Form must be filled every Thursday for you to go through your main concerns with me.

Progress Photo Requirements - 3 Photos

Measurements can be taken once every 4 weeks.

- Head to toe shots

- Front, Back and Side

- FASTED / taken upon WAKENING / BEFORE eating

- Always use the same weighing scale in the same place

Record – Steps, Sleep, Nutrition, daily weight (unless you don’t want to because of ED, you can skip this one step) and Training adherence over the past every week on the App.

Always be honest with your check in, we are here to make progress not be perfect, and if you are not honest, I can't maximize your results and defeats the purpose of this entire coaching system.

If you are late or miss a check in, don't stress, stay on plan and make sure to make your next check in.

How do I check in? - check ins will be in your app . Follow the link I post in and complete check in to the best of your ability.


Weekly Coffee Date Guide! ☕

Highly recommend popping into our inaugural Zoom coffee date! I run through how the program works, all the ins and out you’ll need to know. Cant make it? No worries! You can always catch the movie rerun (a.k.a. video playback)

  • I host this fun chat every week! It's the perfect time to throw those burning questions my way. I'll break things down for you, nice and easy.

  • Expert Insights. On occasion we spice things up by inviting industry experts to share wisdom on your frequently asked questions so, grab your favorite mug and enjoy the top notch guidance.


Resistance Training

Hey there! A lot of online training program can burn you out. Not ours!

Here's some key to growth

  • Simplicity is Key: We're all about making you stronger using easy-to-follow steps. Good technique is our jam!

  • Weekly Wins : Each week, aim to beat your own records. When you do better each week, trust me, results will show.

  • Every 8 weeks, expect some your workout to level up. This gives you enough time to learn, grow, and maximize gains from each routine. Plus, it keeps things exciting to look forward to. Your program is not supposed to change every day or week. You need to use a program for minimum 6-8weeks at least

  • We change the focus sometimes, we focus on getting you stronger at different lifts like sometimes your main lifts will come from squat or military press. This helps target specific skills.

Our main goal is to Progressive overload.

What Is Progressive Overload You may Have this Question, Don't Worry I Will Explain it here :

To make muscles grow, gain strength, or improve performance, our body must face challenges greater than before. This means exposing it to more stress than it's used to. This concept is known as the "progressive overload principle." How to progressively overload?

1. Increase Weight : Gradually add weight to your exercises. Begin with small increments to ensure safety even 0.25kg/1.25kg/2.5kg is a good add!

2. Increase Repetitions : If you've been doing 10 reps, try going up to 12 or 15 with the same weight.

3. Increase Sets : Add another set to your workout routine for a given exercise.

4. Increase Frequency : If you're working out two times a week, consider adding another day.

5. Time Under Tension : Slow down your repetitions, particularly the eccentric (or lowering) phase. For instance, take 3-4 seconds to lower the weight.

6. Range of Motion : Perform exercises through a full range of motion, or try variations that involve a deeper range.

7. Advanced Techniques : Incorporate techniques like drop sets, supersets, or pyramid sets.

8. Track Progress : Keep a workout log on your app to monitor weights, reps, and sets. This will help ensure you're continuously progressing.

9. Listen to Your Body : While pushing your limits, be sure to avoid overtraining. Recovery is crucial to making consistent progress.

Remember, the key is consistent, gradual progression. Sudden large increases can lead to injury, so always prioritize safety.

Tip - too many people get sucked in focusing on form - this can always be refined. It is important to carry out an exercise safely and effectively and better form will produce better results but master the basics. - Once the foundations on the house are in place - do not be afraid to start laying the bricks
(i.e. building up weights.)

7 Basic Training Guidelines

1. Breathe: Exhale during the exertion phase and inhale during the release.
2. Track Your Progress: Use the app to note down weights, sets, rests, and other details for every workout session.
3. Gradual Progression: Increase the weights or reps in each session, but do so gradually. Opt for smaller increases, like 1.25kg or 2.5kg. For machines that have large weight jumps, consider adding smaller weights. Always prioritize proper form over lifting heavy.
3. Activation Exercises: Before diving into any exercise, do activation workouts to establish a mind-muscle connection. This not only maximizes your training efficiency but also enhances your experience over time.
4. Warm-Up Wisely: The duration needed for warm-up sets varies among individuals. While 10-15 minutes suffices for some, others may require up to 30 minutes, especially if they have rehab needs. Remember to save your energy for the main workout and use warm-up sets to prepare, not exhaust yourself.
5. Master the Basics: Ensure you have a strong foundation in every exercise. Prioritize stability and patience as you learn.
6. Maintain Perfect Form: Achieve and consistently hold onto impeccable form. Once mastered, you can gradually shift to heavier weights. Regularly consult exercise guides and videos to review and refine your technique.
7. Trust Your Instincts: If an exercise feels wrong, it probably is. Consult with a trainer when in doubt. Consider filming yourself to check for proper form. If something feels off, assess if it's due to incorrect form, inadequate rest, or excessive weight.


7 Common Training Mistakes To Not Repeat

1. Value Your Rest: Avoid rushing between sets. A sweaty session doesn't necessarily mean an effective one. Take adequate breaks to recharge, refocus, and prepare for the next set.
2. Choose the Right Training Partner: Partner up with someone who motivates you and aligns with your fitness goals. Ideally, select someone in better shape or with similar aspirations to ensure they challenge you and ensure safety during workouts.
3. Stay Focused: The gym is a place to work on your body and mind. Avoid distractions, especially from your phone. It's unsafe and can be disrespectful to a training partner.
4. No changing workout program every week or burning yourself out with numerous workout. Be Patient- Progress takes time, recovery takes time, fat loss starts with nutrition and strength gains aren't always linear. Consistency and patience are key.
5. Stop winging it and start prioritizing Intensity. Instead of doing numerous exercises with very little effort, bring your utmost intensity to every set you perform.
6. Stay Hydrated: Drink enough water before, during, and after workouts.
7. Safety First : Use safety equipment like belts, straps, or squat racks when needed. Always have a spotter for heavy lifts.
Remember, lifting is as much about mental strength and discipline as it is about physical strength. Approach it with respect, dedication, and patience.


Understanding Supplements:

A Simplified Guide -

Health Supplements

Most supplements you find aren't very useful and just cost you money. They are meant to support a good diet and exercise, not replace them. If your diet and exercise aren't good, supplements can't fix that. They're a small extra help, not the main solution! It's best to choose quality supplements that are based on real science and have the right dosage needed. Once the nutrition and lifestyle is in place, having supplements enhance 10% of the process
The Supplements Worth Your Attention:

1. Fish Oils:
- What's the deal? Most people are lacking in omega-3s.
- Benefits : Beyond heart health and reducing blood pressure, they boost muscle function and recovery.
2. Vitamin D:
- What's the deal? Known as the 'sunshine vitamin,' many in sun-deprived regions may be deficient.
- Benefits : It sharpens mental functions, boosts immunity, strengthens bones, and enhances testosterone. Moreover, it's linked to a reduced risk of several serious health conditions. A daily dose of 2000IU is recommended.
3. Magnesium:
-What's the deal? Magnesium is essential! It's an important electrolyte, just like sodium, and plays a key role in processing carbohydrates in our body. In simple words t's an important salt, like the one we eat, and helps our body use carbs (like bread and rice) for energy.
- Benefits : Magnesium is a mineral our body needs for many functions like managing sugar levels, making proteins, and controlling blood pressure. Because we lose magnesium when we sweat, people who exercise a lot might need more of it. Taking magnesium supplements, especially magnesium glycinate, before bedtime can help, as it also aids sleep.

This mineral is as important as sodium in our body and helps manage energy from carbs. Many are low in magnesium, so adding it to their diet, especially women taking birth control pills, can also benefit sleep and heart health.
In Conclusion:
Focus on the basics first: a balanced diet, a regular workout routine, and proper recovery. Once these are in place, opt for science-backed supplements from trusted brands. Use them as the icing on your health cake, and remember, it's always about the bigger picture! Happy supplementing!


Performance Supplements

1. Whey Protein
Whey protein is a top-quality protein source. It's easily absorbed by our body, dissolves well, and is rich in essential muscle-building blocks, especially one called leucine. Since whey is digested fast, taking it after a workout can help our muscles recover quickly. Studies show that combining whey with exercise can help both beginners and regular gym-goers build more muscle. As you get more experienced in training, adding whey protein can help you see better muscle growth. So, including whey protein in your diet is a handy and cost-effective way to support building your aesthetic physique goals.

2. Creatine
Creatine (Creapure)
Our bodies naturally have creatine which helps in energy production. Research says it boosts performance, reduces tiredness, and helps recovery. It can improve your workout and the benefits you get from it. With creatine, you might improve your performance by up to 20%. Experts say creatine is very effective for high-intensity workouts and muscle growth. Among various types of creatine, the monohydrate version is the most recommended. While some foods like red meat contain it, supplements offer the ideal amount. About 5g daily is recommended. I often have it right before workout to remember taking it. Take it every day.

3. Caffeine

Caffeine boosts both your body and mind. It helps in focus, fat burning, and improves endurance. It peaks in the bloodstream about 90-100 minutes after taking and lasts 3-4 hours. Take 3-6 mg/kg around 30 minutes- hour before working out. Start with a small dose to see how your body reacts. Morning will be the best. Avoid taking your pre-workout or caffeine after 12pm. Also, don't consume too late in the day as it may disturb sleep. If you love coffee, it's just as effective.



Question : Can I change my workout days according to my schedule?

Answer : Absolutely! We all have different schedules, so you can definitely change the workout as you need.

Question : How long is this program, and what is the flow like?

Answer : This program is a minimum of 14 weeks for you to see good results. It's not about getting instant results but making fitness your lifestyle, as quality fat loss takes time.

The 4 -6 weeks is learning about your body, lifestyle and putting habits in place and practice.

The second month, is where you will unlock second phase modules, understand your body and work with me on executing your program.

The third month, you'll be given taught about maintainance period , unlock advanced modules to upscale your result long term

Question : I feel left behind. Not sure what to do. Haven’t started yet.

Answer : We've got your back! Reach out to the staff immediately and simply tell them where you are or that you haven't started. They'll be happy to guide you on how to go about it.

Mention any difficulties/injuries or conditions you have too as we prioritize your safety.

Question : I don’t know how to perform certain exercises?

Answer : There's an exercise library you have been provided with. Under each exercise, you can find the tutorial in the workout form library or directly under the workout.

Question : Can I ask my personal questions and get in answered in depth?

Answer : Yes. Every day you can communicate with me and the team in the group forum.

If you want to ask privately, we run out coffee date every Saturday at 9am on Malaysia Time, you can hop on the call ask it directly, or fill up our check in form that's given every Thursday. If you can't make it, you can watch the playback .

It will be available on the Apps so you all you need to do is click on the Picture.

Question : I missed the Zoom Call Coffee Date. Where can I watch the playback?

Answer : Go through to your ForYourPage (fyp) menu, then choose Resources. The playback video will be displayed around the same day.

Question : Where I can get my account details to sign up to the Everfit App?

Answer : It will be sent to your email once registered. Check Spam folder too.


For more Information

or if you have more Questions

Get connected to our team.

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